While there is an increased expectation on companies to be accountable for their economic, social and environmental impact on society, CSR takes this even further. It gives companies a framework with which to contribute directly to the community and encourages involvement from employees, stakeholders and clients. And while much can be done on an ongoing basis throughout the year, an event can bring focus to your CSR strategy and renewed passion for your chosen cause.


Client golf days, running groups and cycling teams have been done… and done! Across The Bay Events provides a new approach that brings together healthy lifestyle choices and the opportunity to give a little back to the community. We can help you deliver an event that supports a cause you’ve identified as being important to you and your clients. An active challenge experience strengthens relationships, builds alliances and a bit of healthy competition never hurt anyone, especially when you’re raising funds for a worthy cause.


Employees now view CSR as an important issue in their choice of employer. Events stand out as a great way to get employees involved in your company’s CSR strategy and allows them to be part of a significant contribution to the community. You may choose to sponsor your employees to participate in an active challenge experience that you create for the wider community or you may choose to keep it internal and let employees compete against each other in the challenge and in their fund raising efforts. This kind of event is also a great team building opportunity for your business as a whole, and for individual departments and we can run an event with as few as 30 participants.


A public event backed by a your company’s name provides a multi-faceted outcome for your CSR strategy. With our assistance, you can drive the involvement of your internal and external stakeholders including staff and clients, while also making it a broader community event. Your name becomes recognised as not just an employer of choice but also a good corporate citizen with a socially responsible, community-minded approach to business.



From venue, equipment, operations, permits, safety, risk, licenses, bookings and stakeholder management to event execution.


Your event requires a strong team behind it and we offer training and management of volunteers to ensure your event or activation runs smoothly.


We cover all aspects of events from concept theming and branding to delivery with targeted marketing strategies and participation plans.


An active challenge experience strengthens relationships and builds alliances. A bit of healthy competition never hurt anyone, especially for a worthy cause.


Thanks to the ATB Events volunteers and Cesar and Kyle for organising a great event. Can't wait till the next one!

Jez D

Great event on the weekend! Everybody looked like they enjoyed themselves immensely. Well to done to everybody who paddled from team Paddle-On.

Amy S

Thanks for organising such a great Event, from someone who has Never Paddle Boarded Before i can honestly say i cant wait till next year. My Goal for next year will be to Raise More Money and Fall off Less. Thanks Again, Neil

Neil H



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